The Allure of Blue

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Colour Trends and Forecasting

Continuing its reign atop the “most popular” list, blue once again made an index of 2014’s most prevalent colors. One possible reason for this blue’s dominance? It’s the color of trust – which during a time of economic and social unrest makes it an especially attractive hue. As with past years, shades of blue-green (teal, turquoise) are growing in popularity, but expect to see more monochromatic schemes of mid-tone blues.

The Rock

Lapis Lazuli is a rock prized for its intense ultramarine blue colour. It consists of several blue minerals (mainly Lazulite) together with varying amounts of Calcite and Pyrite, creating a mottled appearance. Mined in Afghanistan for over 6000 years it has been used as an ornamental material throughout antiquity. Fashioned mainly into cabochons and beads, it has also been used for carvings and hardstone inlays as well as being ground up to create the most valued artists pigment, Ultramarine.

The Jewels

I have been championing the use of Lapis Lazuli in jewellery for a while now. The first prototype ring was the Mary Rose pictured below, which inspired the story and concept of the my latest collection Ursula’s Hoard. It’s rich deep blue colour speckled with glittering pyrite and encased in gold, conjured up the luxurious opulence of sunken treasure I was looking for. It evokes the jewellery of royalty and past civilisations, who prized this wonderous precious stone.

It is one of those colours that will never be out of fashion and it seems that Lapis Lazuli is having it’s moment in the spotlight once more.

So bedeck yourselves in blue – whether you favour rings, earrings or necklaces and start collecting your very own hoard of treasure.

The Allure of Blue The Allure of Blue The Allure of Blue

The most desirable material has an even, intense blue colour with a light ‘dusting’ of golden pyrite crystals.


The Allure of Blue
Making a splash in the December issue of Vogue UK.


Blue Again

“Blue’s back, with a hue for every mood. Swathe yourself in a bold cobalt or nod to the trend with a shot of lapis lazuli.

The ancient Egyptians prized lapis lazuli, not only for its deep blue colour but also because they believed it could actually cure the blues – layering it on at the first sign of melancholia. Although it hasn’t exactly been ignored since then, the stone is now enjoying a big fashion revival.”

Carol Woolton. Vogue December 2013

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